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August – C.H. Randle will be Appleshaw village’s 1st author of the month.

September 10th – Come and see Merciful Grace @ Cobbles and Cogs Steampunk family day at Milestones Museum

September 11th  A second day of tea and fun @ Cobbles and Cogs Steampunk family day at Milestones Museum

September 24th – Merciful Grace will be staffing a Tenebrous Text stall @ Geek Fest in Pocket Park, Andover.


Merciful Grace Goes Forth…

Following Cobbles and Cogs (10-11th Sept), and Geek Fest Andover (24th Sept), Merciful Grace will be returning to New Zealand for the winter months, and she is remembering her time in New Zealand and researching her next poetry book.

Why people love merciful grace

C. H. Randle created Merciful Grace for the Dickens Slam and she would have won if Merciful Grace hadn’t chatted so much.

Merciful Grace the mechanical maid has gone on to entertain poetry festivals, MC at poetry evenings, her plays have been performed at music festival and she has even done stand-up comedy at Rising Steam music festival in 2022. 

People enjoy her because she’s funny and so are the books she in!

If you are already a fan or would like to find out the latest news why not buy Merciful Grace a cup of tea? This allows Cat to give people joy by introducing them to Merciful Grace’s fun filled books, songs and shows. You can find out more here.

About Catherine (Cat) Randle

Cat Randle is an award-winning monologue writer, poet, irresistible social media copy writer and comic. Her arts projects include Romsey and Andover Community poem, Talk About Festival pilot and a book called Celebrate Youth Writing with Test Valley Arts Foundation. She co-founded Romsey Tea Poetry Collective an afternoon of poetry held in Rum’s Eg and also poetry afternoons in Andover. She helped run A-Fest; Andover’s Youth Festival in her role in Chat Together. Her song about ADHD medication on YouTube grabbed her a paying gig at Cobbles and Cogs Museum and she’s finally published a book about her favourite Steampunk Character Merciful Grace.

She has been running Kereru Media Ltd for 12 years making sure businesses can be found online with a mix of empathy marketing and advertising. Cat is a big believer is authenticity and the right people working with the right people. “When your message solves your clients problems, it’s like cat nip.”

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